Industrial building construction progress in Rosemount, Minnesota.

February 2024: Making Progress in Rosemount, MN!

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Incredible progress in Rosemount, MN!

We’re thrilled to announce that our Rosemount, MN storage condo build is soaring to new heights! Prepare to be blown away by the stunning progress captured in our latest set of jaw-dropping photos. Imagine owning a custom space where your wildest dreams can come to life. Whether it’s a workshop, a creative sanctuary, or a place to store your cherished possessions, our Flex Spaces in Rosemount, MN offer unmatched versatility. Don’t miss out on this sensational opportunity! Call us now at (763) 350-3473 to pre-order your very own Flex Space in Rosemount, MN and embark on an exhilarating journey towards unlimited possibilities!

February 2024: New photos of the Midwest FlexSpace location in Rosemount, MN

Discover the countless reasons why a storage condo should be at the top of your list! Explore our newly updated photos showcasing the Rosemount, MN storage condo location, and witness the unparalleled potential it holds. With pre-orders now open, secure your spot and unlock the ultimate storage solution tailored to your unique needs. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to elevate your storage experience!

Check out these before and after images.

Rosemount, Fall 2023
Rosemount, Feb. 2024

BEFORE: Roughed-in stairs and hand rails, railings and an unfinished floor.

AFTER: Completed stairs and railings with a finished, commercial duty coating applied to the ground floor. (About four months later)

Rosemount, Fall 2023
Rosemount, Feb. 2024

BEFORE: Building one nearing completion, while building two a preparing to receive its exterior  doors and walls. And building three’s land has been prepped to begin construction.

AFTER: Buildings one and two are just about ready. Where building three shows a huge step forward. (About four months later)

Owning a storage condo in Rosemount, MN brings a multitude of benefits that are simply unparalleled. First and foremost, imagine having a customized space designed specifically to meet your storage needs. Whether you require ample room for business inventory, a secure place to store your cherished recreational equipment, or a workspace to pursue your hobbies, a storage condo offers the flexibility and versatility you crave.

Our Rosemount, MN storage condos are located in a prime area, providing convenient access for residents within the community. No more navigating through crowded storage facilities or enduring long drives to retrieve your belongings. With pre-orders now available, you have the opportunity to secure your very own storage condo in this highly sought-after location.

By pre-ordering your storage condo, you are not only ensuring a spot in this exclusive development but also gaining the peace of mind that comes with early access to top-notch facilities. Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to own a storage condo in Rosemount, MN – a place where convenience, customization, and security intersect. Elevate your storage experience today!

Stay tuned for more exciting Midwest FlexSpace announcements!

Keep checking back for more updates as we continue expanding availability of our top-notch storage condos throughout central Minnesota and Western Wisconsin in 2024!


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